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Since 1975, Geyer's Garage has operated with a very simple goal - to provide the best service possible for people and their cars and to treat their customers as family.

An Ode to George
by Rich Fahey(article taken from the May 14th 2001 issue of The Daily Item - Lynn, MA)

This is a caveat if you've recently spent several hundreds of dollars at a car repair shop only to find that your 2001 Lemon mobile is still making that suspicious rattle. This column is a paean to the owner of a car repair business. His name is George Geyer, and he operates a car repair business on the South Shore in Weymouth Landing, on the Braintree-Weymouth line. Although his name and face won't be familiar to local residents, who he is and what he does has a universal theme.

There comes a time when someone you meet who performs a service for you - a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, or, in this case, the owner of a car repair shop - ceases being an
acquaintance and becomes a friend, someone with whom you can talk sports and family. That's the way it is with George, whom I've known for about 25 years. Oh, sometimes over the years I've used Lynn dealers and dealerships for car repairs and the vast majority of them are fine. Somehow, I find myself always going back to George, even though his shop is about a 15- minute ride from my home and it's not always convenient to get there.

The memories keep coming back of the years with that yellow volkswagon Super Beetle I owned for an eternity. George kept that car going for years with baling wire, rebuilt engine, parts and pieces from other VW's that had long since gone to their rest. When all was said and done, the best guess estimate is that the car lasted me about 250.000 miles, which is only 10 times around the earth. When George recently heard my daughter was looking for a cheap used car, he came up with one, a high-mileage Volkswagen Jetta that wasn't fancy but very clean and dent-free. "It's in good shape, " he said. " I worked on it myself." That's all I needed to know. George is the  kind of guy who stands behind his work. Period. End of sentence. If it's not right, he'll make it right.

One day, I had some time to kill while waiting for a repair to be finished and we talked about the times when he was just starting out in business believing in the innate goodness of human beings. He found himself being ripped off by people who abandoned cars after expensive repairs, bounced checks, told him if he just let him take the car home, they'd return right away with the money, etc, etc, etc. He learned the milk of human kindness sometimes turns sour. So it pained him when he learned he had to be less trusting and more businesslike.

Its always busy at Geyer's Garage. That is, I reckon, because of repeat business. On the walls of the garage office are written testimonials.  And its also because George "got it" a long time ago. There are a lot of us who don't want to get our hands dirty, and that means we depend on guys like George Geyer and his crew and other service people.
To George and all the other Georges here in Lynn and elsewhere in the area, we appreciate your work.

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